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      As the owner of two very hairy dogs, I have tried several different groomers in the Houston area but it was not until Tabitha Sammons started grooming them that I found grooming nirvana.  She has been grooming the “kids” for over two years now and I would not use anyone else.  She comes to my house every two weeks for a standing appointment and grooms them in her van.  Not only is this  better for the dogs in that they are just in the van for grooming so they don’t have to sit in cages while waiting their turn but it is more cost effective for me because I can keep working without having the hassle of going back and forth to the groom shop.   She is wonderful with my dogs and they are always glad to see her which tells me she is as kind to them in the van as she is in front of me.  She takes her time with them and is very gentle and patient when working on my older dog who has heath issues. To sum it up, my dogs have never looked better and I would not allow anyone else to groom them.
                    Faye Y.
          Boudreaux & Chaos

 I have two sweet Labs - one who turns and hides when it's bath time, and Tabatha is wonderful with them.  They both come in happy and smelling great!!  She is always easy to contact and on time.  All three of us are very happy with her! 
           Linda C.
          Allie & Red

After two surgeries for cervical disc and related neurological issues, our pooch demands special care.  A monthly bath is no problem (he loves the attention) but nail clipping is another story.  He was never a happy participant when he was younger and it has only worsened as he aged.   At his worst he could easily hurt himself, potentially in a life-threatening way.  
Tabby has been a gift.  Her cheerful manner, calm demeanor, and inherent skill combine to make the nail clipping experience a non-event.  All the other services are just icing on the cake.  The pooch welcomes her monthly visit enthusiastically, and we do too.
            Neal G.

Tabatha started providing grooming services to our two large dogs (Baby and Max), this year. They are fourteen and twelve years respectively and they weigh over one hundred pounds each. They immediately fell in love with Tabatha and suddenly they do not take off running at bath time.
 Tabatha puts a bandanna on them and they treasure them. And they do not allow us to take them off.
 The two dogs love Tabatha so much that, when she came to groom the neighbors dogs, they cried and whined the entire time her truck was in front of the house.
 Tabatha has promised to never ever empty her waste tank in front of the house. We place a very high value on that commitment especially during the current drought conditions. Nobody wants stinking dog water and hair in the street in front of their home and Tabatha is environmentally responsible.
 She also likes to have fun and celebrate the seasons and holidays. She had a Halloween theme on the bandannas for October and painted the females toes orange to go with her black coat.
         Greg & Letisia M.
           Max & Baby

We are delighted with the service that Tabatha Sammons provides for our big fluffy boys!  We have 2 handsome Labradoodles, one 7 and one 7 months and they are both very thick, curly and furry to say the least.  The puppy is already 60 pounds and looks like a small grizzly bear.  Tabatha has a special way with them and knows their personalities well. They feel 100% comfortable when they hop eagerly into the van for their baths and they trust her gentle manner. Tabatha takes special care and notes whenever they have a skin issue or a problem that we need to address.  We highly recommend her expertise and quality service. 
             Meredith B.
           Charlie & George

My sweet 60 pound boxer-hound mix really doesn't like baths in general. But by the end of the session Tabatha has won Rosie over and she loves her dearly! For a busy Mom of a little one, this service couldn't be more convenient. Tabatha is always professional and accommodating for my schedule and Rosie. Not only does Rosie look her best, but she smells great and her shedding is cut down dramatically! I couldn't be happier! 
           Sarah C.

   I am so very happy to have had the pleasure of having Tabatha, owner of Primp My Pet care for and impeccably groom my sweet pups.
Not only is Tabatha an incredible groomer, she is kind and caring, very gentle, and my pups just adore her, as do I.
I just recently lost my beloved, Cocker Spaniel, Molly. After thirteen years of unquestioning loyalty and love, Miss Molly passed away. My Molly was my heart and soul. 
During Molly’s last year, she became very ill and had so many special needs.
Tabatha went above and beyond to tenderly love and care for Molly. Tabatha carried her to her van, spent times cleaning and caring for her wounds and sores. Tabatha never cringed over Molly’s wounds, as you might, understandably expect others to do.
Molly’s last days were not only full of love and compassion, thanks to Tabatha, but she was silky and sweet smelling and as beautiful as always.
Tabatha now only has my silly Bella to take care of. Silly Bella is a King Charles/Cocker Spaniel mix and can be quite a funny handful.
So, in a nut shell. Not only is Tabatha kind, caring, gentle and considerate. Tabatha is trustworthy, reliable and incredibly talented. She is a very unique and lovely young lady.
I truly appreciate Tabatha and feel incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.
          Kathleen G.
I just started having Tabatha groom my little Shih-Tzu which is like my child.  He had an eye problem at the time she came to groom him and right away she called me to find out what was going on with his eye and if I had medicine that I wanted her to put in his eye.  She cleaned his eye out using some eye cleaning solution and his eye looked 100% better.  So that made me feel like Tabatha really cares about the animals like we do.  I would never use anyone else now that I have used her- she is wonderful and I feel very secure that she will always take care of my Baby.  I am just very thankful that she got into the Grooming Business- I would refer her to anyone that is looking for a Mobile Pet Groomer.  
            Peggy M.
Tabatha started grooming Beverly (my 10 year old cat) when she was working for Aussie Pet Mobile.  I was so happy when she started her own business since she is the only person Beverly responds to.  While Tabatha was starting up her own business, I used another pet grooming service which was a disaster.  As soon as Tabatha had her business up and running I immediately scheduled an appointment and now Beverly has a regular grooming schedule.  Beverly loves her and is so happy after she has had her bath, she even lets her trim her nails.  Tabatha is a very gentle and caring person and Beverly can sense that and immediately warmed up to her.   In addition to Tabatha bathing my cat, I have used her to pet sit for me when I was out of town.  When I returned, Beverly was just as happy as when I left.  Tabatha has been a blessing. 
            Judith T. 

YoYo Callie Rose, my eight year old miniature black poodle has been skittish about being groomed in the past. She has even snapped at groomers for touching her ears and feet, BUT not with Tabby! She absolutely loves her. She still doesn't like working with her ears, but Tabby understands my baby's concerns and needs. The way YoYo is groomed is just beautiful!!! She loves the scarves given to her and she dances around people in circles showing off her precious groomed self.  Tabby is a real member of our family and we are so grateful for her. 
             Nancy R.

Tabatha does a wonderful job with my two little dogs.  I simply did not want them in a cage and Tabatha's company was the perfect solution!  The ease of having her come to us is worth every penny.  Tabatha is extremely conscientious and punctual and great with the dogs.  I highly recommend her company!!
               Diane L.
             Mili & Mackey
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