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Spa Package Includes: $15 Additional
Bath (customized Spa bath you choose shampoo)
Nail Filing-Helps keep nails smooth after clipping.  It also helps to get the nails shorter to the quick.
Nail Painting- You choose color
Toothbrushing- Helps to keep your pets teeth in good condition.  Lessens dentals that need to be done or having multiple pulled teeth.
Fancy bows or bandanna.

Nail Painting alone: $3.00
Toothbrushing alone: $10.00

Soft Claws Nail Caps Application:$20 Additional to groom price
These caps come in fun colors and are used to prevent damage to doors, floors, furniture, or accidental scratches to you.  They are glued to pets nail with a special adhesive formulated for dogs.  They usually last up to 8 weeks.

Please call for a quote.  All pets require different services and I quote prices based on information given over the phone.  If you pet turns out to be larger/smaller than the breed standard you will be charged more/less based on the case.  Matted pets will be charged by the hour for de-matting.  Please note not all pets can be de-matted some pets are more sensitive than others and have lower tolerances for such extensive work.  If the pet is to matted consent to shave will be asked for.  In the event of severe matting pet will be shaved  no exceptions!  I will not torture a pet and make it sit through painful brushing. Matting can also cause rashes that remain hidden until the coat is removed.  Rashes are caused by the skin not being able to breath properly.

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