Primp My Pet Mobile Grooming LLC - Tabatha Sammons-Owner/Groomer 832-661-1587


Please call 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are unable to keep it.  If you are a "no show" there will be a $25.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee to cover the charges for my gas/trip fee, which will be due upon your next groom with Primp My Pet.  Failure to pay said fee will result in termination of services and your pet will be removed from my schedule.

Aggressive pets:

I will attempt to do a pet one time if deemed to be to aggressive or animal becomes a danger to itself or me I will return pet to owner at FULL charge for the appointment finished or unfinished.  Please note I will get as much done as possible, but do not want any animal to cause injury to itself or me.  I strive to be as safe as possible when grooming all pets.  I can not do sedated pets.  I am not equipped if something goes wrong with the sedation it is best a veterinarian handle pets that must be sedated.  They have the equipment needed if an emergency were to arise.

Mechanical break downs:

In the event the van breaks down and I am unable to make it to your appointment Saturday and Sunday are my make-up days (if the van is back up and running). Please understand I am mobile and these things do happen because of all the equipment that is needed to run the grooming conversion.  You will be put on top of list for cancellations also.  I will always call you as soon as possible to let you now of any mechanical break downs and try to reschedule you accordingly.  I am very sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone.


Please have your pet ready to go at the scheduled appointment time. This mean making sure they have been out to use the restroom.  If you have a cat please make sure they are in a crate when I arrive.  Also, make sure the crate has a towel or pee pad in the bottom of the crate just in case of accidents.

It is best not to feed the pet before grooming (a treat or something light is ok just not a full feeding.) Some pets can get nervous and vomit.

For your pets safety it is best if the pet is left alone with the groomer.  Pets can be easily distracted by their owner during the grooming process as it is easier on them to focus on one person than multiple people. In the event I need help with the pet I will come get you or call you from the van.  Please do not bang, knock on the windows, or just open the door to the van while I am grooming your pet it is best to call me.  I am working with sharp objects and most of the time a moving target and surprises can scare me or the pet.  Also, I may have your pet loose on the floor in the van and if the door was to be opened the pet would escape.

Please know all of the policies are in order to keep your pet safe.
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