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About Me
I have been grooming now for 10 years.  In the 10 years I have learned alot about pets and their people.  Not all dogs are the same, all of them have their own personality and their own quirks that make them unique and set them apart from one another.  It is all these quirks I have grown to love.  Being able to read each one as you get to know them makes for a much easier time grooming them.  They also get to know their groomer and form a bond with the groomer.  I have had a pet since I can remember from very young and would not have it any other way.  

   I have not always been a groomer. I worked at vet clinics as a veterinary tech.  and learned alot about diseases, skin conditions, proper oral care, and allergies in pets.  Learning all those things has helped me become a better groomer and understand that pets can have medical problems just like people. Understanding this has also helped me realize that some pets just simply can not twist or bend a specific way.  I try to be as careful as possible with them during the process because of this.

   Your pet is important to me.  Unlike most groomers, I believe that the dog or cat being comfortable during the groom is important.  For this reason I work around the dogs or cats physical limitations and try to get to know each one on a personal level.  I believe it is important for them to get to know their groomer and the groomer to get to know the pet so it makes it a less stressful and over all more enjoyable experience.  In most cases pets are done in about an hour.

I service most of the Houston area. Please call to see if I am in your area. Zip codes will be listed soon.

Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 5PM (Last Appt. at 4 p.m in most cases)
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Why Mobile?
  • Less Stressful (for groomer, pet, and owner.)
  • No cages !
  • One-on-one grooming (Dog gets groomers utmost attention)
  • No more round trips to drop off or pick up pets.
  • No more "accidents", or pet hair and smell in the car.
  • Pet is done in about an hour in most cases. (Depends on breed, size, condition of coat, and type of haircut desired)
  • Pet can be done while you are away at work (pre-arrangements must be made) and I can let them out to go potty.

Zip Codes I service:
77002, 77003, 77004,  77005,  77006,  77007, 77008, 77009, 77018, 77019, 77024, 77025, 77027, 77035, 77036, 77042, 77055, 77056, 77057, 77063, 77027, 77077, 77079, 77082, 77084, 77092, 77091, 77096, 77098, 77401 (Bellaire), Missouri City, Sugarland and Richmond Appts also available evening appointments ONLY,  I can also do Pearland if enough advance notice is given ( very limited on days and times)

More to come.... Please know you must call in advance to get an appointment.
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