Primp My Pet Mobile Grooming LLC - Tabatha Sammons-Owner/Groomer 832-661-1587

*Full service grooming-
Hydromassage heated bath, blow dry, de-shed, brush out, nail clipping and filing, ear cleaning, gland expression, Haircut of your choice (as long as pets hair is in good condition)

*Mini groom-
Hydromassage heated bath, blow dry, de-shed, nail clipping and filing, ear cleaning , gland expression, clip potty areas and feet

Add Ons :

Spa Package
($15 extra)Includes: Additional bath (2 baths for the ultra stinky pet) (customized spa bath and you choose shampoo)

Nail Painting-
You choose color.

Helps to keep your pet's teeth healthy and in good condition. Lessens dentals that need to be done or having multiple pulled teeth ($5 extra).

All pricing starts at $65.00

Please call for a quote.  All pets require different services and I quote prices based on information provided over the phone.  If your pet turns out to be larger/smaller than the breed standard, you will be charged more/less based on the case. Specialty haircuts (ex. scissor cuts, guard comb cuts, or patterned cuts that want the pattern scissored down also) are usually more than something that takes less time to do. 

 Matted pets will be charged by the hour for de-matting.  Please note that not all pets can be de-matted. Some pets are more sensitive than others and have lower tolerances for such extensive work. In the event that you want your pet brushed out and it takes more time than we have allowed for the appointment, we will have to come back for a second de-matting session (this also applies to sensitive pets). If the pet is too matted, consent to shave will be asked for.  In the event of severe matting the pet will be shaved or not groomed. NO EXCEPTIONS! Shaving a matted pet requires time (depends on the severity of the matting) and may cause nicks, cuts, scrapes, or burns to the matted pet. We will not torture a pet and make it sit through painful brushing. Matting can also cause rashes, hematomas, or sores that remain hidden until the coat is removed.  Rashes and sores are caused by the skin not being able to breath properly. Hematomas can form from matting causing to much blood flow back to a area where blood has been restricted.  We will not be held liable for any injurys due to negligence of the owner.  It is your responsibility to provide a pet that can be safley worked with.

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